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VST-эффекты (VST FX) - аудиоэффекты, подгружаемые в программы для работы со звуком, такие как Cakewalk Sonar, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Nuendo, Sound Forge, ACID Pro и прочие DAW.

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Скачать Vocalizer VST Effect Plug-in

— Strongly apply human voice characteristics
— Intuitive GUI control with XY-pad Strength of effect, Vowels can be controlled with X-Y pad only.
— Both of Male voice and Female voice pattern are available

OS: Windows XP(others unconfirmed)
Format: VST Effect (Ver.2.4)
Sampling Frequency: 44KHz Mono / polyphonic Stereo


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Скачать Omniverb by Jeroen Breebaart [Windows, VST]

Omniverb is a reverberation plugin with separate control of the reverberation time, echo density, room size, and early reflections. It can also be used as a gated reverb.


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Скачать Blockfish by DigitalFishPhones [Windows, OSX, OS9, VST, AU]

BLOCKFISH is a versatile compressor with countless ways to shape the incoming audio.
Unlike many other digital compressors, BLOCKFISH has 'soul'. It likes to bite, but it can be tamed easily once you've learned how to use its potential.


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Скачать Bitter Sweet by Flux [Win/Mac, VST/RTAS]

This dynamic processor manages audio transients.

Turning the central button on the sweet side, decreases the transients amplitude. On the bitter side, the transients amplitude is magnified. Bitter-Sweet also features a control for the signal to be processed. When the main position is engaged, the process affects the stereo signal. If Center is engaged, only the M signal of the internal MS matrix is processed. If stereo is selected, only the S signal from the MS matrix is processed. As all Flux:: plug-ins it features 64 bit floating point processing, up to 8 channels and up to 8 FS (384 KHz). Center and Stereo Mode are only available in stereo (2 channels) processing.

We hope you will enjoy this new toy and make your Mix Sweeter or Bitterer.


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Скачать TesslaSE by Bootsy [Windows, VST]

TesslaSE — modelling pleasant sounding 'electric effects' coming from transformer coupled tube circuits in a digital controlled fashion.


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Скачать ReaPlugs by Reaper [Windows, VST]

A preview version of some of the plug-ins that are a part of REAPER, but in standalone form.

ReaGate: a very configurable gate with wet/dry controls, lookahead (on hosts that support PDC), hysteresis, hold, noise generator, MIDI event sending (on hosts that support it), built-in filtering sidechain as well as supporting sidechain inputs, and more.

ReaComp: a compressor that has a lot of controls (wet/dry/pre-comp/sidechain/knee) Also has a program dependent auto-release mode..


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Скачать Minion by Devine Machine [Win/Mac, VST]

When you just have to have four filters being modulated by a total of twelve LFOs, you need Minion!
It's got balls, you see. Four of them, pinging and swinging their way around an innovative XYZ pad that's used to control the plug-in and to give visual feedback. And for each ball, there's an effect module, and each of those can produce one of a variety of filter effects, including several filter/distortion combinations. Minion also comes with numerous presets that demonstrate the range of audio warping possible.


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Скачать Density by Bootsie [Windows, VST]

Density — smooth and versatile dynamics processing.

at a glance:
Х smooth and versatile stereo dynamics processing
Х flexible audio encoding and routing
Х designed for glueing all things together, few controls, flexible work


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Скачать Ambience by Magnus

Ambience is a reverb that rivals the quality of the best commercial reverbs. You are free to decide yourself how much you want to pay for it, and when.


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