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Download here: http://www.gtgsynths.com/plugins.htm

Install instructions in the description.

9 free VST instrument plugins available from gtgsynths.com. These work very well with modern music software including LMMS. There’s a drumkit too that’s not included here.

To add to a LMMS project:
Download and extract each plugin to a safe location such as «Samples\vst». The DLL files are needed! Keep the other files if you wish.

1. Install 32-bit LMMS for Windows or any version of LMMS for Linux
2. Open LMMS and click «Instrument Plugins» on the left. It’s a gray speaker icon.
3. Drag «Vestige» into the Song Editor
4. Click the new Red/Green icon that was created. A «General Settings» window will show.
5. Click «Browse» this is a green folder icon
6. Select the DLL of the plugin you want to use.
7. Tweak the knobs. Close the window and go back to «General Settings»
8. Hit a key on the keyboard (i.e. «Y»)
9. Your plugin works!

If you get an error, make sure you are running the 32-bit version of LMMS for windows, or if you are on Linux, make sure Wine is installed an configured correctly.


  Efm-Synthia2 vst: Tin Gogg   Uplifting Trance. Структура треков.