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Видео со студии братьев Benassi.

Братья записывают Bootleg главной темы фильма «Бегущий по лезвию (Blade Runner)»

Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: ломаный-английский

О оборудовании студии: используется Logic

О инструментах и эффектах: ничего сверхъестественного обычные VST Pluginы которые знают опытные музыканты.

Для тех кто незнал:
Alle — Продюсер (не путать с менеджером, пишет музыку)
Benny — Dj (играет на сцене)


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In Autumn 2011 Future Music headed to Stockholm to spend the day in the studio with rapidly rising house star Tim Bergling aka Avicii to see him create the basics of a new remix. That track would become Eric Turner vs Avicii — Dancing In My Head. Sit back and enjoy over an hour of Avicii at work.


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Get this Virtual Instrument now at http://www.studiolinkedvst.com


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I hope you guys like my new track. You can download it at Reverbnation, right here:



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In HD! Pause the video to see how things have beeen EQed in these tracks ect. Enjoy, if you have requests for any tutorials on something request in comment section somewhere, and dont forget to sub ;)


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This tutorial will show you how to make a typical modern progressive trance beat (though it can be used in uplifting trance or house as well as the beat by itself doesn’t necessarily define the genre).

Check the non-video version of the tutorial and download the FL Studio project files in: http://howtomakeelectronicmusic.com/h...


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The sixth bank of sounds from the microkorg, focuses on retro synth sounds


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FL Studio Guru Top Tip — Copying Effects Between Mixer Tracks


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Uplifting Trance. Структура треков.


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Download here: http://www.gtgsynths.com/plugins.htm

Install instructions in the description.

9 free VST instrument plugins available from gtgsynths.com. These work very well with modern music software including LMMS. There’s a drumkit too that’s not included here.

To add to a LMMS project:
Download and extract each plugin to a safe location such as «Samples\vst». The DLL files are needed! Keep the other files if you wish.

1. Install 32-bit LMMS for Windows or any version of LMMS for Linux
2. Open LMMS and click «Instrument Plugins» on the left. It’s a gray speaker icon.
3. Drag «Vestige» into the Song Editor
4. Click the new Red/Green icon that was created. A «General Settings» window will show.
5. Click «Browse» this is a green folder icon
6. Select the DLL of the plugin you want to use.
7. Tweak the knobs. Close the window and go back to «General Settings»
8. Hit a key on the keyboard (i.e. «Y»)
9. Your plugin works!

If you get an error, make sure you are running the 32-bit version of LMMS for windows, or if you are on Linux, make sure Wine is installed an configured correctly.



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A free vst emulation of the EMS Synthi A, as near as I am likely to get to one. Some nice water drop sounds at 4 minutes.


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